ALERRT partners support the second stage of the “I can LEARN. I can WORK.” campaign

On World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), partners of the ALERRT project participated in the second stage of Autism-Europe’s awareness raising campaign, “I can learn. I can work”. The campaign aims to inform and raise awareness on access to education and employment for people on the autism spectrum, even during the pandemic and its containmentContinue reading “ALERRT partners support the second stage of the “I can LEARN. I can WORK.” campaign”

Autistic people and their caregivers participate in ALERRT’s survey

ALERRT project partners conducted an online survey involving autistic people, their families and caregivers in order to gain insight into the accessibility of services of first responders for autistic people. The survey was conducted using Survey Monkey and a total of 420 people participated. The majority of the respondents were between 30-45 years old andContinue reading “Autistic people and their caregivers participate in ALERRT’s survey”

National focus groups help identify the needs of first responders

In 2020, ALERRT project partners conducted national focus groups in their partner countries to identify the skills and competences needed for VET trainers to teach first responders that interact with autistic people while at work. The focus groups involved VET trainers and First responders from Spain, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic and Portugal who receivedContinue reading “National focus groups help identify the needs of first responders”

Resources for autistic people and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic

ALERRT project partner Autism-Europe has gathered useful resources and tips from across the world to help autistic people and their families navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. This time of crisis has been and continues to be particularly challenging for autistic people who see a disruption in their routine, and have difficulty facing uncertainty and change, allContinue reading “Resources for autistic people and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic”

Dedicated ALERRT project website goes live

A website dedicated to the ALERRT project is now available. It will be regularly updated and will be maintained well beyond the lifetime of the project itself. The ALERRT project channels include a website, social media, meetings with public bodies, campaigns and the partners own professional networks. The official language will be English, but some content willContinue reading “Dedicated ALERRT project website goes live”

GESEME hosts virtual kick off meeting

On 13 November 2020, the first transnational meeting for the ALERRT project took place online via skype. The kick-off meeting was hosted by the project coordinator, GESEME and was attended by project partners from Spain, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal and Czech Republic. The purpose of the meeting was to share understanding of the purpose ofContinue reading “GESEME hosts virtual kick off meeting”

ALERRT project officially launched

Running from October 2020 to September 2022, the Educating First Responders on how to Recognise and Treat autistic people project (ALERRT: Autism on the Line!) aims to provide knowledge and skills to first responders across Europe on how to recognise, interact, and appropriately deal with autistic people in cases of emergency. This project is fundedContinue reading “ALERRT project officially launched”